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ONX3S6500K2P 6500 (72.2WH) (2P 90/180) 137MM X 45MM X 40MM

ONX3S6500K2P 6500 (72.2WH) (2P 90/180) 137MM X 45MM X 40MM

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  Specification details are below.

  Size:  38mm x 46mm x 139mm 

  Measured MAh:         6500mAh

  Voltage:                             11.1V

   C rate:                             90/180

    Weight:                             465

    Wire size:                         8/7AWG


Finally, if you want your batteries to have a good life cycle think about your charging system and your monthly process.

Advised to charge rate of 1C to 5C please note that a higher charge rate will put less mAh into the pack and will reduce cycle life.

Speed run packs do not come with a warranty, the more we push our system we push our motors esc and batteries.


 Onyx PS USA "Is not" responsible for packages lost buy the shipper or from theft during or after delivery, "all" packages from 3/12/22 and on will have carrier insurance for the "cost of value" of the shipped item, This "is not" a 100% guarantee of reimbursement form Carrier or from the shipper (OPSUSA) information provided to the shipper will be used in all shipments thus leaving any doubt of a error in shipping.



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